[ARC] Review #31: The Sword and the Dagger


When empires clash, 
a Princess, a Knight, and an Assassin 
embark on the quest of a lifetime 

During the time of the Crusades, an unlikely trio—a Christian princess, her affianced prince, and a Muslim assassin—embarks on a quest to the court of the most fearsome warrior the world has ever known, Genghis Khan.

A rousing tale of adventure and romance about three young people who must grapple with fundamental issues of loyalty, friendship, faith, honor, and courage against the backdrop of conflicts that still resonate today.


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Ooo boy was this book a whirlwind. That’s the best way I could think of to start this review off.

The Sword and the Dagger by Robert Cochran is a historical fantasy (something I wasn’t expecting until reading the note at the end about the historical factors), but still fictional enough to switch some things around and have new characters.

One of our main character’s name is Princess Elaine of Tripoli, and she isn’t taking any man’s crap. It is after meeting her that we meet our other two main characters, Prince Conrad of Antioch and Rashid—a Muslim assassin.

Though the beginning of the book was a bit slow to form, it quickly picked up the pace and moved along swimmingly. This book deals in a land with a many different people with just as many differing religions and battles. And while Conrad was a bit racist in the beginning, it was quickly realized throughout that this book was addressing that issue, as well as the beliefs of how women should act.

There was drama, there was love, there was action—there was everything. This book addressed so many things and brought light to how the worst of enemies can become the best of friends, and I loved that about this novel.

For everything listed, I rate this novel 4/5 stars. I look forward to reading more from Robert Cochran if he continues to write novels, and I thank TorTeen for providing me a copy of this lovely book.


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An Emmy Award-winning executive producer and showrunner, Robert Cochran co-created and executive produced the international television series phenomenon 24, as well as the FOX franchise event series reboot, 24: Live Another Day. Cochran is also the executive producer of the successful television series La Femme Nikita, and created a limited series based on the Crusades for Germany’s Tandem Television. Cochran began his career as a writer on numerous popular television shows such as JAGThe CommishFalcon Crest, and L.A. Law, to name a few.

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