Nexus (The Androma Saga #2) | [Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway]

Hi, y’all! I’m so excited to be partnering with FFBC Tours to bring you my post on their blog tour as well as an exciting giveaway!

However, I must warn, if you have yet to Zenith, I’d suggest waiting before reading this post or any of the other tour posts.

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Nexus (The Androma Saga #2)
by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Release Date: May 7th, 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy




#1 New York Times bestselling authors Sasha Alsbergand Lindsay Cummingsdeliver the dazzling finale to the acclaimed Androma Saga, where stunning betrayals and devastating secrets send an embattled galaxy spiraling into the ultimate nightmare.

Her ship is gone, her crew is captured and notorious mercenaryAndroma Racella is no longer the powerful Bloody Baroness, but a fugitive ruthlessly hunted across the Mirabel Galaxy. The bloodthirsty Queen Nor now rules most of the galaxy through a mind-control toxin and she’ll stop at nothing to destroy her most hated adversary.

Andi will risk anything, even her precious freedom, to find a cure. Stranded with her unlikely ally, Dex, on the unforgiving ice planet of Solera, their plan to infiltrate a black-market city proves dangerously irresistible.

Back inArcardius, Nor’s actions have opened Mirabel to invasion. As Andi’s crew fights to regain their freedom, Andi and Dex discover a threat far greater than anything they’ve faced before.

Only by saving their mortal enemy can the crew of the Marauder make one last desperate strike to save the galaxy—unaware that a shattering, centuries-old secret may demand the most wrenching sacrifice of all.

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There was something both heartbreaking and exciting about this book that I still can’t get over and won’t be over for a very long time.

Nexus brought back all the memories of Zenith, something I was excited to see after being away from the story and the characters. It was an immediate catchup to what occurred during the last novel and the characters we lost and/or just barely made it out with.

Something I really loved about this novel was the differing attitudes. I love that each character had a different set of attitudes and wasn’t just stuck to being the “try-hard” or “the wannabe, bad queen.” Each of them had multiple roles to play, and I think that was really vital to the formation of the story.

Another thing I loved was the multiple plot twists we were given. And because I’m known for predicting plot twists, I wasn’t as hit or surprised by them, but I still really enjoyed their additions.

However, one thing that really got to me was just how many POVs we were given. I’m not against multiple POVs in any way, shape, or form, but I felt there were just too many happening in this book. I felt like, through some of the chapters, we were just seeing repeat information or filler chapters.

Another thing that kind of got to me was the kind of choppy ending we were given. It seemed like it was very rushed and just thrown together, and I was a little let down by it.

Other than that, though, I did really love this book. I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this book, and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to read it early and review it for FFBC Tours. For everything listed, I rate Nexus 3.75 stars. I look forward to whatever the authors release next, and I do suggest y’all pick up this read.

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Sasha Alsberg is the #1 NYT Bestselling Co-Author of ZENITH: The Androma Saga. When Sasha is not writing or obsessing over Scotland, she is making YouTube videos on her channel Abookutopia. She lives in Massachusetts with her dogs, Fraser and Fiona for her writing, she is represented by Joanna Volpe at New Leaf Literary.


Lindsay Cummings is the #1 NYT Bestselling co-author of ZENITH, along with her duology, THE MURDER COMPLEX from Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins, and the MG trilogy THE BALANCE KEEPERS, from Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins. She is represented by Pete Knapp at Park Literary in NYC.

Lindsay deals with chronic fatigue, writes full time from her home in the deep woods in North Texas and loves to chat with fellow book nerds. Lindsay created the #booknerdigans hashtag.

She’s still waiting on her letter from Hogwarts–it was probably just lost in the mail. You can follow Lindsay on twitter @authorlindsayc or on Instagram @authorlindsaycummings.


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Prize: Win a copy of NEXUS by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings (US Only).

Begins: May 1st, 2019
Ends: May 15th, 2019



A pang of remorse filled her chest, adding to the gradually worsening ache from her wound. “Me neither,” Andi admitted. He looked up at her incredulously, hope filling his face. Andi tried to smile at him, but it turned into a grimace as a stabbing pain coursed through her. She sucked in a breath through her

teeth as Lon stood and hurried to her side.

“You both need to rest,” he said sternly, steering her back toward the bed she’d woken up in. “And you likely need some new stitches. But I think you might try to stab us with something worse than a dose of soduum if you don’t get some answers soon.” “You’re not wrong,” Andi replied weakly, easing herself onto the mattress with Lon’s help. Dex clambered to his feet and made his way to her bedside while Lon peeled away the blood-soaked bandage on her chest. Andi glanced down and hissed at

the sight of the angry-looking gash.

“Another scar to add to my collection, courtesy of that bastard Valen Cortas,” she said darkly.

“That description of him is truer than you might imagine,” Dex said, settling into a chair next to Andi’s bed as Lon hurried to fetch the supplies he needed to tend her wound. “Consider- ing he’s not the son of Merella and Cyprian Cortas.”

Andi stared at him, certain she’d misunderstood. “Come again?”

“Well, Cyprian is—or rather, was—his father,” Dex clarified. “But his mother…his mother was Klaren Solis.”

Andi’s jaw dropped. “What?” she yelped. “But…that means…” Dex nodded. “That he’s Queen Nor’s half brother, yes.” Before she could fully process the horror of that thought,

Lon returned with a needle, some surgical thread and bandages. He coaxed Andi back onto the pillows and began repairing the damage she’d done to her wound as Dex filled in the rest of the story, telling her what the general had revealed during his dying moments.

How Klaren had somehow bewitched him during the years 
she’d lived on the Cortas estate as his prisoner. How she’d become pregnant with his child—a son he’d always feared would someday inherit his mother’s strange abilities. A son he could never trust, could never name as his heir.

A son who was half–Xen Pterran—or perhaps something else entirely.

“So Valen and Nor have some kind of compulsion ability?” Andi asked as Lon finished smoothing the new bandage into place.

“Judging from what happened during the Ucatoria Ball, I’d say definitely,” Dex said, his expression darkening. “All those people who were shot… I thought they were dead. But they weren’t bleeding. The room should have been full of blood, but there was hardly a drop. And then…” He shuddered, as if he were reliving the memory in his mind. “They started to rise. And when Valen told them to bow to their queen, they just… did. Without question.”

“The girls, too?” Andi whispered.

Dex nodded jerkily, and Andi looked away, her eyes welling. She breathed in deep, once, twice, holding back the tears that threatened to fall.

Tears wouldn’t save her crew. Tears were a weakness she couldn’t afford.

“We have to go back,” she said. “We have to free them.” “It’s not that simple,” Lon interjected, shaking his head. “We

have no idea how Nor and Valen are controlling them. How they’re controlling everyone. We can’t just go flying back to Arcardius and hope for the best. We need more information. We need a plan.”

“They want to be there, Andi,” Dex added, taking one of her hands in his. “Or at least they think they do. They’ll likely fight us if we try to take them away from Nor.”

She didn’t want to believe their stories of that night. But their faces were haunted, as if, even though they wished it weren’t true, they could not escape the reality of it.

The thought of leaving the girls in Nor’s clutches broke her heart. Valen and the Xen Pterran queen could be torturing them right now, or forcing them to do the most horrific things. But Dex and Lon were right—they’d never be able to rescue her crew if they got themselves killed in the process.

Andi squeezed Dex’s hand and nodded decisively. “So we find a way to free their minds and come up with a plan to get them out.”

“And then?” Lon asked.

Andi allowed an icy smile to spread across her face. “And then the Bloody Baroness will go hunting.”

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