Weekly Reading Outlook (04.04-09)

It’s the week of April 4th, which means a new week of reading!

I’m hopeful for this week, while also keeping in mind that I still have my normal week of work with the addition of more time dedicated to figure skating. I will admit, I have a slight addiction to watching Dateline, but I’m determined!

DNF’ed Titles

This week, I DNFed two titles:

I really tried to stick it through with these titles, but it wasn’t meant to be.

For The Language of Cherries, I hadn’t previously realized that the book was partially written in-verse. The problem with this is that I’m not good with books written in-verse due to my having ADHD. It makes it difficult for me to understand what is happening or being said due to the format and setup. After having discovered this while reading, I’d tried to stick it out before ultimately deciding the book wasn’t a good fit for me.

As for Reverie, I think it was just poor timing and pacing. I liked the idea of the book, I was intrigued enough to read until almost 30% before deciding I needed to take a step back. I hope to return to this book in the future but now is just not the right time.

Currently Reading

During this week, I started reading one title:

Having read Kit Frick’s previous release I Killed Zoe Spanos,  I was expecting something similar. However, I’m starting to realize this book isn’t anything like her other title. Very Bad People is different from anything like what I’ve read. It has the vibes of carrying literary fiction writing, while also having a narrator on the level of Nick from The Great Gatsby. The setup is a bit out there, as well. For example, there’s a chapter dedicated to bullet points from the narrator setting the plot up for the reader. Overall, I do plan on continuing my reading. I’m a bit more hesitant though due to the huge differences in storytelling, to which I’m much unused to.

Future Reading Plans

I have quite the list of books I plan on reading during this month (my overall TBR can be found here). However, there are a few titles, in particular, I’m eager to get to sooner than later.

I’ve had a physical ARC of Our Way Back to Always for quite a while now. I’m not sure why I keep putting it off, especially with so many recommendations from friends. But now feels like the right time, and I’m excited to dive into this read.

Lakelore had me excited even before the cover was released. I’ve read one book from Anna-Marie, that book being The Mirror Season, and I’ve since made the vow to pick up any book from them. This author has a way with words that pulls you back for more, and I’ve become hooked entirely. I’m extremely thrilled to pick Lakelore up this month.

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