ARC REVIEW: Irish Rogue (Brooklyn Kings, #5)


Irish Rogue (Brooklyn Kings, #5)
by L.K. Shaw
Releasing on April 26th, 2022
Adult Fiction—Dark Romance

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Five years ago I was sold. Used. Abused. Now, I’m broken. My loving family thinks a husband will fix me. I have no desire to get married, but I’ll give them what they want. Except it will be on my terms. And I know just the person to ask.


Getting married is at the top of the list of things I swore I’d never do. So there’s no way I’ll agree to Anya’s ridiculous proposition. Yet, somehow, I find myself saying yes. She says we both can live our lives without interference from the other. It seems like the perfect plan.

Until it isn’t.

Trigger/Content Warning(s): Mentioned and Referenced Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Alcohol Use, Violence, Gun Violence, Sexual Content, Pregnancy, Mentioned and Referenced Suicide Attempt
***please note that the trigger/content warnings are subject to change, as these are from my own recollection***


Disclaimer: I was provided a digital galley by Valentine PR in return for my honest review. This does not affect my opinion.

Irish Rogue was not what it had been expected to be. With highly addictive writing and characters one cannot help but to latch onto, it is easy to fall into the story and beam with love.

L.K. Shaw weaves an intriguing story centering two characters who could not be more different. Anya is a girl who, to put it simply, has been put through the wringer. As a survivor of human trafficking and sexual assault, she is learning how to go on with her life and find the meanings of happiness and love once more. Meanwhile, Paddy is struggling to live with the mental and emotional abuse his grandfather put him through as a young child, lashing out at those around him and coping in unhealthy ways. Entangling their lives together, they find themselves in a marriage of convenience to avoid their families’ continuous matchmaking attempts.

Shaw’s characters were very well developed. With Paddy and Anya, both main characters grew throughout the story. However, one could find that Paddy’s actions throughout the book were a bit pushed into the narrative, as there was not very much accountability for them. Instead, what readers were given was Paddy’s backstory as the reasoning for his actions. And yes, while that does explain why he has acted in such a way, it does not make up for it. It would have been nicer to see some real accountability placed on him instead of instant forgiveness.

Building on that, one can find that the marriage of convenience trope was not done to the best standard. Paddy and Anya’s building relationship came about in more of an instant-love format, rather than the well-developed and built-up attraction and love that grows into a relationship. While this book’s pacing was a bit slower than expected, it did not slow down these components.

The plot of this book was well-crafted in comparison. It was enjoyable and exciting to read as the characters were put through the difficulties of the marriage of convenience trope, especially when it came to the scenes involving their close families. The discussions that came out of Anya’s and Paddy’s frustrations and strugglings were key parts to the book, and they were written beautifully into the story. And while the ending was not what was expected, it was still somewhat nice to read.

Overall, Irish Rogue was a memorable book that I’ll have a hard time forgetting and wanting to read every day, and for that, I rate it 4.25 stars. I look forward to continuing the series and other stories L.K. Shaw puts out in the future.

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DELETEaL.K. Shaw is the bestselling author of sexy, sinful suspense. She resides in South Carolina with her high maintenance beagle mix dog, Miss P. An avid reader since childhood, she became hooked on historical romance novels in high school. She now reads, and loves, all romance sub-genres, with sci-fi romance and dark romance being her favorite. LK enjoys traveling and chocolate. Her books feature hot alpha heroes and the strong women they love.

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