Talk Bookish (About Your Book) to Me: Featuring Andrea Mosqueda

Happy, Tuesday!

It has officially been ONE week since Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster by Andrea Mosqueda has released into the world. Time passes by so quickly!! To celebrate, I am featuring Andrea on my blog for an exciting guest post: Talk Bookish (About Your Book) to Me. I am so excited to be sharing this with you all, and I urge everyone to pick up a copy of JYLBD if you have not already. It is not one you will want to miss out on!


Meet my Main!

The title speaks for itself: Maggie Gonzalez (she/hers) is a Chicana bisexual disaster stumbling through adolescence in the Rio Grande Valley. She loves emo music, raspas, and long drives to nowhere with her best friends, three of whom she might just have feelings for. Maggie has her work cut out for her in deciding who to invite as her escort to her little sister’s quinceañera.

A Dream Involving JYLBD…

Truthfully, I’d love to have an event where we all sat around eating Sprinkles cupcakes with the book cover on them and drinking coffee while talking about the times when we were bisexual disasters. And if anyone is too socially anxious to share, I have stories enough for everyone!

As for awards, I’ve always wanted to win a Stonewall or YALSA award, so everyone, please send good vibes!

A Scene in My Book that Left an Impact on Me…

My favorite scenes to write were those with Maggie and her sisters. My little sister is my favorite person in the entire world, and I even dedicated this book to her. While Maggie has a complicated mess to untangle in her social and romantic life, her family life, especially her relationship with her sisters, holds steady, and I wanted to give her that bass line to hold onto when everything feels like it’s falling apart because that is what my sister has always given me.

If You Liked *THIS* Book, then Read *THIS* Book…

If you liked To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, then read Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster 🙂

Character Casting!

Oooh, an excellent question! If I had all the money and power at my fingertips, I’d cast this fully with Chicanx actors from the RGV, since they’d have a better grasp on the culture than anyone else (for obvious reasons).

Barring that, my author-cast for everyone is, in no particular order:
Allegra Acosta for Maggie
TBD for Veronica because no one seems to fit!
Scarlett Estevez for Alyssa
Marcel Ruiz or Eduardo Minett for Matthew
Isabella Ferreira for Dani
Jenna Ortega for Amanda
Malachi Barton for Jordan
Diego Tinoco for CJ

That’s mine, but I can’t wait to see what everyone else’s dream cast would be!

Bookish Road Trip: Where You’d Take Your Book and Why…

I’d take my book to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and share it with all the school districts there because I want to give back to the community that made me. Puro pinche 956!

Fury: A Person Who Wronged You and How You Got Them Back in Your Book.

STOP, I’m a Scorpio sun and Leo moon. This question is dangerous. I will never tell anyone where the bodies are buried, but I will tell you about all the bruises they left on my ego and the scars on my heart. Who am I to stop you from putting together the pieces? 🙂

A Life Event that Inspired a Scene in the Book…

The scenes between Maggie and Amanda on Maggie’s birthday were particularly fun and meaningful for me to write because the connection and history between them were inspired by my real-life connection with my childhood best friend. I had a (very obvious to everyone but me) crush on her, but I couldn’t name how I felt because I didn’t have the language to understand, even internally, my own queerness.

But this friend always made me feel special by always making me feel like royalty on my birthdays, even when she moved away. Gifts would show up at the front office on my birthday and right before Christmas, so I got to walk around school all day, feeling like a princess.

I wanted to give Maggie those experiences and feelings because everyone should have them, especially every baby queer. 🙂

Cuts: The Element/Scene You Refused to Cut Out…

There wasn’t any specific scene, but JYLBD runs a bit longer than your average YA, and I swear, I REALLY tried to part with some scenes. I’m rather verbose irl, so even when I’m talking to people, I tend to talk really fast (hello, mental illness!) and speak in run-on sentences and metaphors.

It works in my favor though! I always end up with more material that way, and it’s a part of my process. My wonderful editor Kat Brzozowski at Feiwel & Friends and my amazing agent Lauren MacLeod at Strothman Agency both fully understand and appreciate my lizard brain too, so everyone wins in the end!

Play that Soundtrack: the Playlist You Suggest for Your Book…

Funny you should ask! Here is a link to my meticulously-curated Spotify playlist, in case you want to listen while you read and get the fully immersive JYLBD experience. 🙂

Separators (1)JYLBD

Andrea Mosqueda is a Chicana writer. She was born and raised in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her partner and works in the publishing industry as an assistant editor. When she’s not writing or editing, she can be found doing her makeup, drinking too much coffee, and angsting over children’s media. Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster is her first book.Separators


Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster
by Andrea Mosqueda
Released on May 24th, 2022
Published by Feiwel & Friends
Young Adult Fiction—Contemporary, Romance

green-buy-now-button    DELETE

In this voice-driven young adult debut by Andrea Mosqueda, Maggie Gonzalez needs a date to her sister’s quinceañera – and fast.

Growing up in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, Maggie Gonzalez has always been a little messy, but she’s okay with that. After all, she has a great family, a goofy group of friends, a rocky romantic history, and dreams of being a music photographer. Tasked with picking an escort for her little sister’s quinceañera, Maggie has to face the truth: that her feelings about her friends—and her future—aren’t as simple as she’d once believed.

As Maggie’s search for the perfect escort continues, she’s forced to confront new (and old) feelings for three of her friends: Amanda, her best friend and first-ever crush; Matthew, her ex-boyfriend twice-over who refuses to stop flirting with her, and Dani, the new girl who has romantic baggage of her own. On top of this romantic disaster, she can’t stop thinking about the uncertainty of her own plans for the future and what that means for the people she loves.

As the weeks wind down and the boundaries between friendship and love become hazy, Maggie finds herself more and more confused with each photo. When her tried-and-true medium causes more chaos than calm, Maggie needs to figure out how to avoid certain disaster—or be brave enough to dive right into it.

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