REVIEW: Drinks with Umbrellas by Tuesday Harper


Drinks with Umbrellas
by Tuesday Harper
Released on May 6th, 2022
ADULT FICTION—Romance > Erotica

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Too much wine while watching Beach House Bargain inspires Olivia to book an impromptu vacation at a beachside resort. Overworked and stressed out, she’s definitely in need of some rest and relaxation. She hopes her island getaway will give her time to have fun in the sun, drink as many cocktails with the little umbrellas as she can handle, and finally take some time to figure out what she wants out of life.

The last thing she expects is to run into someone like Michelle, a smart and sexy woman who loves adventures. Olivia isn’t looking for love or even a fling, but likes the idea of having her own personal tour guide on the island. And spending time with Michelle makes her trip of a lifetime even more unforgettable.

Trigger/Content Warning(s): Panic Attack, Anxiety, Sex On-Page

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Drinks with Umbrellas is an enjoyable, cute novella that feels like a breath of fresh air while reading.

Tuesday Harper immediately called readers’ attention to the page with the opening scene, in which the main character Olivia is spiraling into a panic attack after being told she would not be receiving the promotion she had been anticipating. This scene was unexpected at first, due to the lack of appropriate warnings anywhere in the description or first few introductory pages of the ebook. Once past the scene, we delve into Olivia’s handling of the situation.

Olivia is a main character that is easy to connect with and understand. While Michelle was the love interest, Harper made it possible for readers to get a bit of background on her as well, despite the shortness of the story. Out of all the characters in this short story, they both felt the most dimensional and well-developed. When it came to other side characters like Olivia’s sister, the beginning of the story gave the impression she might have a bit more involvement, though it became the opposite as the novella went on. Her character was more so there for those small moments of reasoning that Olivia needed, and that was a bit disappointing.

Olivia and Michelle’s relationship in this novella is full-on insta-love. While this can sometimes be an unliked trope, it was particularly enjoyable in Drinks with Umbrellas. From the first scene they meet, it is clear that Olivia and Michelle have a connection that cannot be explained away. A favorite scene would have to be towards the end of the story, in which Olivia full-on jumped into Michelle’s arms like that cliché scene you might have seen in a romance movie.

When it comes to the plot of Drinks with Umbrellas, one can find that it lacked slightly. The point of Olivia’s sudden and unplanned for vacation was to focus on herself and relax, and while she was able to do that with Michelle, every scene–as a whole–was like a small glimpse rather than a fully-fledged out scene. As this is a novella, there are no chapters–just little time skips here and there. Even with that though, scenes in which Olivia is spending time with Michelle or doing something on her own should be more than just “I did this, and I thought this while doing it.” There just was not enough there to make it fully immersive. However, these specific scenes are not the entirety of the novella, and the other parts that were fully developed made up for the others greatly.

Overall, I did like Drinks with Umbrellas. For that, I give it a star and do recommend it. If you like sapphic erotica novellas, this would definitely be up your alley.

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When I’m not writing, I’m spending time with my beautiful wife, adventuring around the Dallas-area, splattering paint on canvasses, binge-watching my favorite shows, or spreading good vibes to my family and friends.

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