[BLOG TOUR] Primal Instincts

FOREWARNING: My review contains spoilers!! Primal Instincts by Peter Gulgowski Self-Published Releasing on May 8th, 2020 YA FICTION—Dystopian, Fantasy PREORDER NOW Bred for entertainment, designed for war.  Nick Davis awoke in a facility with no recollection of how he got there. Memories of his life before this moment are few and blurred. Now, his survival … Continue reading [BLOG TOUR] Primal Instincts

[ARC] Review #60: A Whisper in the Dark

A Whisper in the Dark by Jessi Elliott & K. J. Sutton Self-Published Releasing on April 28, 2020 NA FICTION—Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Vampires BUY NOW   A city ruled by vampires. A disgraced princess. A world underground. Charlotte Travesty lives in a world of comfort. Glittering nightclubs, a lavish mansion, and a staff of humans … Continue reading [ARC] Review #60: A Whisper in the Dark

Review #36: All the Walls of Belfast

Fiona and Danny were born in the same hospital. Fiona’s mom fled with her to the United States when she was two, but, fourteen years after the Troubles ended, a forty-foot-tall peace wall still separates her dad’s Catholic neighborhood from Danny’s Protestant neighborhood. After chance brings Fiona and Danny together, their love of the band … Continue reading Review #36: All the Walls of Belfast

Dreamer EXCERPT [Blog Tour + Giveaway]

Title: Dreamer Author: Ja-Mel Vinson Publisher: Self-published Publication date: 19 March 2019 Genres: New Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy Links: AMAZON & GOODREADS The day before moving into her new dorm, college freshman, Maya Lilac, has a haunting dream that ends with her coming face-to-face with a second version of herself. After being haunted by the dream during … Continue reading Dreamer EXCERPT [Blog Tour + Giveaway]