White Stag by Kara Barbieri [Blog Tour]

White Stag By Kara Barbieri Published by Wednesday Books On Sale January 8, 2019 Hardcover | $18.99 ISBN: 9781250149589| Ebook ISBN: 9781250149596 White Stag, the first book in a brutally stunning series by Kara Barbieri, involves a young girl who finds herself becoming more monster than human and must uncover dangerous truths about who she is and... Continue Reading →


Yesterday Upon the Stair by PitViperOfDoom (Ao3) [CHPT.1 Spoiler Review]

*THIS IS NOT A PUBLISHED BOOK. YOU CAN FIND THIS FANFICTION ON ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN. CLICK HERE.* Midoriya Izuku has always been written off as weird. As if it's not bad enough to be the quirkless weakling, he has to be the weird quirkless weakling on top of it. But truthfully, the "weird" part is the... Continue Reading →

The Line Between by Tosca Lee [SP-F ARC Review]

In this frighteningly believable thriller from New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee, an extinct disease re-emerges from the melting Alaskan permafrost to cause madness in its victims. For recent apocalyptic cult escapee Wynter Roth, it’s the end she’d always been told was coming. When Wynter Roth is turned out of New Earth, a self-contained... Continue Reading →

Empress of All Seasons [SP-F ARC Review]

In a palace of illusions, nothing is what it seems. Each generation, a competition is held to find the next Empress of Honoku. The rules are simple. Survive the palace’s enchanted seasonal rooms. Conquer Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Marry the prince. All are eligible to compete—all except yōkai, supernatural monsters and spirits whom the... Continue Reading →


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